Visual Story Telling

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Visual storytelling has many categories within it.  The categories that a part of this are photographs, film, design and also painting. The way that people use visual storytelling can range from something to help explain an idea, convey an emotion, and telling a story. There is no right or wrong way to do this, but you can find tip on the subject from many people.

One way to use photographs to tell a story is by having a slideshow. If used correctly it can show a lot of emotions. One such example is shown below.

A lot of the before a movie is filmed it is first made into a storyboard to make sure the movie works well. The use of a storyboard is to work out how it works visually. So this is the step between the written story and capturing it on film. This is an interview of one such artist.

Iain McCaig is an illustrator that has been involved in movies such as Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Painting can be combined with audio to make a more interactive experience for the viewer. Using more than one medium means you can create emotion better and create a more dynamic effect on the audience.

"WORLDSPIRIT represents a radically new form of entertainment that brings together evolutionary spiritual teachings, visual art, music, live performance and advanced technology; speaking at once to body, mind and spirit." - Their YouTube page

Using visuals to express an idea better can help your audience understand things a a deeper level. Creating a deeper meaning in your viewer mean your message will be both remember more and have a greater effect. Not everyone is good with viusalzing in their head what is being said.

Photograph from VizThink NYC of visual notes

Visual storytelling can take place in many forms and combinations. The way that it is done is only limited to your imagination. All ways that you can tell a story can be powerful.


How Can Social Media Help Photographers?

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Social Media is a tool to connected with people around the world with similar interests. This tool is something that changes the way we connect with people with people. So this tool is something that can help create an image and a voice to someone that might not have one before this tool existed. Many people in the photography field are lost as in the way that it can be used to their advantage. So the objective of this blog is to point out the strategies that the professionals use and have adapted.

The general ways that photographers use social media is the following aspects:

  1. Talking to anyone that will listen about themselves
  2. Listening to famous people talk
  3. Making relationships
  4. Building contacts that will be used for businesses 
Many of these uses are not a very efficient use of time for a business, so you can see there is a big room for improvement. For photographers there is very specific area as were the time should be spent.

The ways that social media should be used is the following general aspects:
  1. Feedback from the consumers
  2. Getting ideas from others
  3. Building the brand for your product
  4. Maintaining the connection that is had with your clients
  5. Becoming visible to search engines
  6. Sales!
Tools in Social Media for Photographers:

Blogging is a social tool that helps connect to very specific people, but also gives general information to get new contacts. This is also a tool that helps show more of your style. 

Linkedin is a formal way that you can establish credibility and find connections. By becoming recommended by people that you have worked with you can make possible businesses connections become more visible in photography.

Facebook is a simple way that photographers can create a community around their identity and products. By creating this community you create a strong relationship between you and your customers. By forming this relationship you increase the possible business opportunities that you will have.

Twitter the idea of twitter is instead of having a full blog post you have a micro-blog. As far as the relationship this can have in your use for photography is keeping an eye on what others are doing in the industry. Having an information feed on equipment manufacturers. Keeping an edge on people technically can lead to standing out from the crowd. Another use of the space is drawing people to your blog or other information that you need to promote.

The key part that photographers have to realize in relation to their business is that it is a really low cost way to advertise yourself. In many way social media is better than advertising, since it can be done at really cheaply and directly to your consumer. Creating a public image that can be used to connect to people on a personal level is something that is indispensable.